When you have a KitchenAid kitchen, there's so much more to make.

Kitchenaid home appliance repair service

Kitchenaid repair

Kitchenaid is an American appliances brand now owned by Whirlpool. In 1919, the company only marketed mixers. It now offers a range of appliances to meet the needs of all households.

Although known for its small kitchen appliances with original designs and vibrant colors, the brand also offers refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and many other appliances. It is known for the reliability of its products and for its original designs. Among its products, the brand offers a multifunctional mixer with the ability to make juices, ice creams, pasta and sausages.

If one of your Kitchenaid products breaks, contact us so that we can send you one of our repair specialists specialized in this brand so that it can quickly perform the repair.