Brigade by Viking

Built for those who cook often and with a passion

A new brand for our Canadian customers

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Brigade by Viking is renowned as the first company that developed the first commercial-type range specifically for home use. As commercial appliances had several drawbacks such as high heat output and extremely hot surface temperatures, no safety features, excessive energy consumption, constantly burning standing pilot instead of automatic ignition, no broiling in the oven, and dimensions which were not designed for typical residential cabinetry, they had to create a new category of commercial-type appliances for home use which is now more and more in demand and highly appreciated from its clientele.

Viking becomes Brigade by Viking

Viking has created a new brand for its Canadian customers only called Brigade. Born of a distinguished lineage of any new product category, Brigade presents the same power of performance and of design as Viking. Cooking appliances, refrigeration, kitchen, outdoor and many others are offered by Brigade. The company demonstrates industrial strength in a wide range of sizes, colors and configuration, in order to please all of their customers. Therefore, Brigade offers the most comprehensive range of products and the highest quality available on the Canadian market.