posted on 25 August 2017

Maintaining Your Refrigerator

While a refrigerator is one of most useful appliances around the house, it also usually comes at a rather steep price, which is why we want to avoid having to purchase one every few years. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to ensure your refrigerator will keep running at its best for a long period of time (around ten years ore more). Get in touch with us here at First Priority Appliance Repair if you need refrigerator service in the greater San Antonio area.

Check the door gasket
The gasket is the rubber device that insures that your food is sealed and therefore kept cold inside your device. If it leaks, you can guess that not only can your food go bad, it can also cause premature wear on your refrigerator, since it will be struggling to maintain itself that the right temperature. If you notice that your gasket is damaged, replace it as soon as possible.

Level your refrigerator
This goes without saying, but make sure your device is stable, as excessive wear on one of its legs can have devastating consequences in the future. Besides, if your refrigerator is tilted forward, the door could pop open without your knowledge and make your food go bad.

Drain hole and drip pan
Your refrigerator causes air to condensate. This excess water goes down the drain to the drip pan. Both elements must be cleaned regularly. 

Condenser Coils and Fan
These parts should be vacuumed and cleaned every once in a while, because if they are dirty, your unit needs more energy to cool down the chamber, which is something you want to avoid. 

Of course, there are other things that you can do to make sure your refrigerator is running efficiently, and specific tips will vary depending on the model you have. That being said, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to repair your refrigerator promptly, for example if your fridge is leaking or constantly making noises. If that's the case and you need refrigerator service in the greater San Antonio area, get in touch with First Priority Appliance Repair today.