posted on 16 March 2017

My Fridge Won't Do Its Job Properly

There's nothing more frustrating than purchasing a big load of fresh meat to prepare for a nice weekend meal only to find out that it all went bad during the night because your refrigerator somehow stopped working or will not keep its cool. To help you understand the issue, our refrigerator repair company in the greater San Antonio area has come up with a short list of things that could be at fault. Be sure to get in touch with us if you have any question.

A badly-adjusted thermostat

Every fridge is equipped with a thermostat used to adjust the temperature in the unit. Set it to coolest and wait a few hours to see if you notice anything different in the temperature. If nothing happens, your thermostat is defective and will have to be replaced.

Defective compressor

The compressor is the part that's behind the coolant circulation all around the unit. In other words, it's the heart of the fridge. If it stops pumping, the refrigerator doesn't cool. Because of that, they are built to last, which means the odds that your compressor became faulty overnight are rather slim. Moreover, since a fridge compressor is expensive, it's worth checking out other parts of your refrigerator before addressing this issue.

Defective fan motor

Know that there are more than one fan in a refrigerating unit. One is found in the condenser and pushes the air through the coils. If it's working weakly or not at all, you will notice that your unit doesn't cool properly. To address this problem, check out your fan to make sure it's not filthy or blocked by something. Refer to your instruction manual as to how to access your condenser fan on your specific model. Once you do, try to give it a swing. If it rotates without resistance, it's working fine. If not, you will have to replace it.

As you can see, there are many reasons why your refrigerator could stop cooling properly. If you can't seem to resolve the problem, be sure to get in touch with First Priority Appliance repair today for quick and efficient refrigerator repair in Cibolo, Texas.